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Why this site?

To prevent accidents and save lives. Maybe that is exaggerating a little. How about keeping you from getting a ticket in the mail. One of our best reasons: Safety.

Have you ever been behind someone who slams on their brakes because they don’t see the van? This is extremely dangerous not to mention frustrating. Drivers, please be aware that the city of Beaverton, Milwaukie & Portland will ticket you for 10 miles per hour OVER the posted limit. Please be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the posted limit.
We haven’t run any scientific studies, but we do notice people go a lot slower when we’re out with our signs warning of photo radar ahead. That is, those that are paying attention.

This site is informational and we really don’t take ourselves too seriously. We expect everyone to obey the laws, to be courteous and respectful of others on the road. Right now photo radar is legal, within the bounds of the laws set by the Oregon Legislature. If at some point the people of Oregon want to get rid of it, they can start a petition. That won’t be us(right now), but will support it if it happens. What do you think? Post comments below.

Whenever we see violations of the O.R.S.*, we document those on the non-compliance page.

If you want to register & comment on the site, that’s great, please keep it clean, friendly and in good taste.

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*Oregon Revised Statutes